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Version: 5.2.0 PDFlib TET

Verfügbar seit: 25.07.2019 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads

The following features are new or considerably improved in TET 5.2:

  • improved table detection with row and column span identification
  • mark Artifacts (irrelevant text and images) in TETML and the API
  • extract text and images from annotations and patterns
  • support for inline images and images in soft masks
  • new language binding for .NET Core
  • enhancements in all language bindings and updates for the latest language versions
  • many bug fixes, improvements and workarounds for damaged PDF
  • security updates for third-party libraries
  • optionally retrieve Separation and DeviceN text colors in the simpler alternate color space instead of the rather complex native color space

TET PDF IFilter 5.2 incorporates all TET kernel changes and supports SharePoint Server 2019.

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