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Version: 10.1.482

Verfügbar seit: 09.11.2018 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads


  • Support for conversion of the most common variants of Photoshop files (PSD) and GIF to PDF, directly as input file as well as when referenced in HTML
  • Desktop
    • Unchanged Profiles, Fixup, Checks and Process Plans in default Libraries will be automatically updated with latest settings in the future (can be disabled in Library settings)
    • New Switchboard Action in Document group: "Remove invisible objects", which removes objects that are completely covered, clipped or outside of the page area
    • New Switchboard Action in Arrange group: "Split or reorder", to split certain pages or page ranges into several or single PDF
    • Various "Decorate" functions in new Switchboard group to add objects or pages:
      • Place folding marks
      • Text
      • Page number
      • Date
      • Logo/Image
      • Watermark
      • Mail stamp
      • Letter background
      • Add summary page
      • Add divider page
      • Move objects
      • Add empty pages

    • Variables: Defined JavaScript objects are now available across all Libraries
    • Libraries: Possibility to create a new empty Library, which includes the default resources (e.g. Output Intents, curve files etc)
    • Compare Libraries: Included settings of the scope of a specific check (e.g. limited to boxes or including soft masks etc.) to the comparison result for checks

  • New Profiles
    • 53 new DeviceLink Profiles, free for use for Desktop and Server/CLI customers:
    • RGB to ISO/PSO Coated (4 Profiles)
    • Conversion between standards Europe (25 Profiles)
    • Conversion between standards Europe / Japan (4 Profiles)
    • Conversion between standards Europe / US (7 Profiles)
    • Total area coverage (TAC)/Ink coverage reduction (13 Profiles)

  • Updated Profiles, Fixups, Checks and Process Plans
    • Fix potential font problems: Replaced Fixup "Make font name unique for all fonts" with new Fixup "Make font name unique for all fonts with same name"
    • Sheetfed offset (CMYK, RGB and spot colors) (GWG 2015): Replaced previous Profile with a new one due to some misconfiguration

  • New and enhanced predefined Fixups
    • Make font name unique for all fonts with same name
    • Set all black text and vector objects to overprint (no objects using transparency) [CA1025554]

  • New and enhanced predefined Checks
    • Origin of MediaBox is not 0/0 [FP48381]

  • New Fixups
    • Remove from Layer: Remove selected objects from a Layer
      • Several new Fixups to split up components of DeviceN objects:
      • Extract CMYK from DeviceN: Separate CMYK from spot colorants as DeviceCMYK
      • Extract CMYK from DeviceN one by one: Split up all CMYK channels into individual Separation colorants
      • Extract spot colors from DeviceN one by one: Split up all spot channels into separate colorants
      • Extract all colors from DeviceN one by one: Split up all channels into separate colorants
      • Extract selected color from DeviceN: Isolate single channels into a separate colorant
      • Condense into single spot color: Remove all but one spot channel from the document
      • DeviceCMYK to CMYK DeviceN: Convert objects using DeviceCMYK to DeviceN with CMYK as colorants

    • Rotate page content: Rotates the page content by a given degree and optionally enlarge the page accordingly [CA1026711; CA1027435]
    • Remove all clipping paths: Removes all clipping paths, e.g. to optimize a PDF for production on certain cutting devices [CaBT1026869]

  • Enhanced Fixups
    • Convert colors: Improved resource handling for conversion of single pages or page ranges of a PDF, e.g. to convert only inner pages to grayscale [FP46055; FP48931; FP49013]
    • Remove XMP Metadata: Extended with possibility to define namespace and properties to be kept or to removed [FP50448]
    • Convert fonts to outlines: Enabled page-based Checks for "Apply to" selection
    • Increase line width / Increase line width for multicolored lines: New option to exclude lines drawn with a distorted transformation matrix (when this matrix is unproportionally scaled, objects appear distorted, e.g. a square becomes a rectangle) [FP41862; FP20486]
    • Discard private data from other applications: Has been extended to remove private information also in the PieceInfo [FP51081]
    • Insert pages: Page geometry boxes are also inserted for new empty pages [FP49025]
    • Place text / Place barcode: Improved fallback for fonts if the default fonts (Arial/Helvetica, Times, Courier) can not be found on the respective system

  • New Properties
    • Current transformation matrix (CTM) is unproportionally scaled: When the CTM is not scaled proportionally, objects appear distorted, e.g. a square becomes a rectangle

  • Enhanced Properties
    • Context aware object detection (Sifter): New option if layer visibility is taken into account or not

  • Reports
    • QuickCheck: Several new details made available, e.g. about tagging structure, page geometry boxes, transparency and overprint, document level XMP metadata, annotations and form fields and some more

  • CLI
    • New DeviceLink Profiles added, old Profiles have been removed from installation package
    • New parameter for Profile execution "--logexecution" which creates a folder with logging information for the specific processing in the user preferences
    • QuickCheck: More sample configuration files added to installation package

  • General
    • Variables: Current Profile name is now available as a JavaScript object [FP49671]
    • Log profile execution: Contains now also intermediate result from "Place content" Fixups as well as the used template and logging information
    • Log profile execution: For "Context aware object detection" based checks, a visual report will be created in the respective logging folder

  • Updated internal visualizer of tagging structure to the latest version of callas pdfGoHTML (v2.0.025)
  • Updated internal HTML converter to the latest version of callas pdfChip (v2.0.052)
  • Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library integrated (v15.0.4PlusP4e)


  • Desktop
    • Variables: Improved evaluation and editing of JavaScript Variables; implemented a timeout for evaluation to prevent endless loops while editing
    • Variables in Checks or Fixups: Improved handling of predefined numeric values when a Variable is inserted [FP47656]
    • Profile editing: "Report PDF syntax issues" option is no more active in newly generated Profiles
    • Profile editing: Issue fixed, where order of dialog boxes was wrong when editing a Variable in certain cases (MacOS only) [FP50297]
    • Added missing keyboard shortcut for "Object inspector"
    • ToPDF: PostScript files will now use the selected PDF setting (joboption) from the Switchboard action, even when "Drag'n'Dropped" on the canvas
    • Standalone: Issue fixed, where size of an opened or processed PDF was not properly adjusted to the size of the window [FP47803; FP48378]
    • Layer explorer: Problem solved, where removing layer metadata resulted in an unstable behavior (MacOS only) [CA1026482]
  • Fixups
    • Conversion to PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3: Improved handling to set the overprint mode (OPM) for ICCbased CMYK object also if DefaultCMYK is introduced during processing [CA1027162]
    • Flatten transparency: Issue fixed, where rendering or flattening resulted in cropped image in certain cases [FP49028]
    • Insert pages: Issue fixed, where multiple settings were not properly regarded
    • Set Line Width: Certain line width (like "0") not properly handled [CA1027473]
    • Convert colors using DeviceLink / Adjust dotgain: Issue fixed, which resulted in unnecessary long processing time in certain cases (MacOS only) [FP47587 + FP47589]
    • Place content: Improved handling of existing Layer of placed PDF documents
    • Remove printer marks: Problem solved, where some objects were not properly handled in certain cases [FP39789; CA1026929; CA1017847; FP32714; CA1019332; FP17475]
    • Remove objects outside page area: Reviewed functionality to ensure proper handling of objects
    • Set layer default to On/Off: Issue fixed, where layers remain visible in certain cases [FP51310]
    • Downsample/compress color/grayscale images: Issue fixed, where processing results in visual differences due to improper handling of Matte entry [CA1027129]
    • Convert colors: Problem solved where certain inline images were not properly handled when image downsampling took place in the same profile [CA1027679]
    • Create bookmarks from headings: Issue fixed, where tag tree was not properly recognized [CA1027492]
    • Place text: Issue fixed, where the used font was not embedded as an indirect object [FP48225]
    • Discard hidden layer content and flatten visible layers: Problem solved, where text color changed during processing in certain PDF [FP50980]
    • Embed missing fonts: Issue fixed, where certain fonts with Unicode characters in their font name were not properly determined (Unix only) [FP49361]
  • Properties
    • Number of effectively non-empty plates: Issue fixed, where the unit of the sample size was not taken into account properly
    • Context aware object detection: Problem solved, where the unit for parameters was not taken into account properly [FP50378]
    • Context aware object detection: Issue fixed, where clipping paths with holes were not properly interpreted when determining the visibility of objects [FP51352]
  • Actions
    • SplitPDF: Fixed general performance issues and avoided creation of very large temporary files [CA1027389]
    • Save as image: Problem solved, where certain PDF with transparencies resulted in a very long rendering time [CA1027190]
    • ToPDF: Issue fixed, where conversion of certain JPG (created by some mobile devices) resulted in a blank pages [FP49150]
    • ToPDF: Issue fixed, where conversion of TIFF containing a special kind of thumbnail preview of the content resulted in a 2-page PDF [FP29704]
    • ToPDF: Problem solved, where conversion from SVG to PDF resulted in an empty PDF [CA1027173]
    • ToPDF: Problem solved, where certain corrupt PDFs resulted in an unstable behavior [FP49271]
    • Tiling: Optimized template to avoid embedding of an Output Intent and PDF/X-1a entry
  • Reports
    • QuickCheck: Problem solved, where some font infos were not correctly listed in the resulting JSON report [FP48305]
    • QuickCheck: Issue fixed, where Hex-coded values in the DocInfo of a PDF was not properly listed in the resulting JSON report [FP51257]
  • CLI
    • Issue fixed, where wrong error level was given if processing was tried with expired trial license [FP51471]
    • Problem solved, where processing sporadically resulted into an error (Linux only) [CA1024691]
    • Problem solved, where a defined cachefolder was not properly respected [FP47604]
  • General
    • Variables: Reviewed evaluation of JavaScript Variables to ensure proper update of all values, especially after user interaction in ask-at-runtime dialog [FP50722]
    • Problem solved, where some incomplete PDF structure of an incoming file resulted in an unstable behavior [CA1027625]
    • Issue fixed, where a Process plan used as a step in a Process plan was not properly handled in certain cases [FP50380]
    • Problem solved, where processing of a certain PDFs resulted in an unstable behavior [CA1027573]
    • Improved setting of the transparency blend color spaces when converting to PDF/X and PDF/A when an CMYK Output Intent already exists
  • Distributed Processing
    • Increased default value for waiting time for free satellites by the Dispatcher to 10 seconds

System requirements


  • MacOS X (Intel), version 10.9 or newer, 64-bit-compliant (PlugIn requires also Acrobat DC 64-bit)

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 / 7 / Server 2012 / 8 / 10

  • Debian 7 (and derivates like Ubuntu 12.x )
  • RedHat RHEL6 (and derivates like CentOS6)
  • SuSE SLES11 (and derivates like OpenSuSE11)
  • Other Linux distributions are also supported as well if the version of the glibc is at least v2.12

Solaris (Sparc and Intel):
  • Solaris 11 (v5.11) or newer

  • AIX 6.1 (oslevel 6100-09) or newer

Recommended are at least 2 GB of free storage


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