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Version: 10.0.471

Verfügbar seit: 31.08.2018 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads


  • Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library integrated (v15.0.4PlusP3w)
  • Most recent version of Adobe PDF Converter integrated (PostScript to PDF conversion; v1.1PlusP1g)
    • The "Server.log" logfiles in the shared preferences folder are now created on a daily basis and are named accordingly [FP33277]


  • Desktop
    • Switchboard: Problem solved, where changed PDF wasn't marked as such, therefore no "Save as" was requested when closing the document
    • Switchboard: Issue fixed, where deleting a saved Action wasn't successful [FP49208]
    • Switchboard: Problem solved, where some Actions in the "Large Format" section couldn't be executed successfully anymore [FP49161]
    • Variables dialog: Fixed several issues regarding the determination and the display of JavaScript Variables
    • Test mode: Issue fixed, where the lock status of a Process Plan was not properly regarded [FP47859]
    • Process Plans: Issue fixed, where Process Plans in Process Plans could not be properly edited in some cases [FP49114]

  • Standalone
    • Recently saved files are now also included in the "Open recent files" menu
    • Compare: Issue fixed, where "Min/Max differences" and "Area" values were not properly updated

  • Checks
    • Context aware object detection: Several improvements regarding recognition of visibility or obliteration of objects
    • Context aware object detection: Problem solved, where a check for visible RGB object didn't find an object [FP49322]

  • Fixups
    • Flatten transparency: Issue fixed, where processing resulted in shifted glyphs and other objects in certain cases [FP48007]
    • Flatten transparency: Problem solved, where glyphs were changed and wrong glyph widths were created in some cases [FP43490]
    • Font to outline: Problem solved, where processing resulted in missing glyphs if specific TrueType font was converted to CFF beforehand [CA1027405]
    • Make Pantone spot color names consistent: Optimized handling of NChannel entries to avoid color shifts [FP48936]

  • Actions
    • Imposition: Issue fixed, where the PDF version entry of a PDF 2.0 was not properly handled [FP42268]

  • Reports
    • Issue fixed, where e.g. Names of Checks defined via Variables were extended by some additional glyphs (Linux only) [FP49522]

  • Server
    • The "Server.log" logfile in the shared preferences folder will now be continued and not overwritten after a server restart [FP46404]

  • CLI
    • Issue fixed, where types of Variables were not properly detected [FP49291]

  • General
    • Problem solved, where rendering of certain PDFs with transparency took abnormally long [CA127190]
    • Variables: Several improvements of the general handling and determination of JavaScript Variables
    • Variables: Issue fixed, where Custom Fixups could not be set to on/off by a JavaScript Variable under certain circumstances [FP49104; FP49148]


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