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Version: 10.0.465

Verfügbar seit: 31.05.2018 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads


New Fixups

  • Repair invalid or empty FontBBox values [FP32539; CA1027156]

Enhanced Fixups

  • Merge adjacent line fragments: Optional "Apply to" and multiple settings added
  • Fix glyph width information: Extended scope to fix also font widths of Type 3 fonts [FP37894; CA1027057; FP47580]

New Properties

  • Embedded font file uses invalid or empty BBox values [FP32539; CA1027156]


  • Variables: Variables can now be deleted in the app.vars object



  • Convert colors: Problem solved, where inline images were not properly handled if executed together with "Downsample/Recompress images" Fixups in certain cases [CA1026756]
  • Create and apply shapes: Issue fixed , where Lab color space was not properly created
  • Font to outline: Issue fixed, where a certain combination of invisible and clipping text objects was not properly handled [FP43980]
  • Generate bleed from page content: Problem solved, where Smooth Shades on larger pages were not taken into account in certain cases [FP41771]
  • Generate bleed from page content: Issue fixed, where page geometry boxes were always set, although not requested [FP41604]
  • Create and apply shapes: Issue fixed, where shape was not created properly [FP41250]
  • Fix glyph width: Issue fixed, where fonts were displaced when Fixup was executed together with "Embed missing fonts"
  • Font to outline: Problem solved, where glyphs were displaced if executed together with "Fix glyph width" and "Embed fonts" [FP40683; FP42802]
  • Embed missing fonts: Issue fixed, where font style was not properly regarded in certain cases [FP42804]
  • Make font names unique: Problem solved, where already unique fonts were processed as well [CA1026408]
  • Make font names unique: Issue fixed, where fonts used in SoftMask were not properly handled in certain cases [CA1026851]
  • Put objects on layer: Problem solved, where objects identified by their ICC profile were not put on a layer


  • OPI: "File Name (%ALDImageFilename)": Issue fixed, where simple file specification resulted in unstable behavior [CA1026684]


  • Pre-separate pages: Problem solved, where empty colorants were not properly regarded [FP43482]
  • Overlay: New option to create a non-isolated transparency group for imported content to avoid e.g. overprinting issues [FP34715; FP42398]
  • SaveAsImage: Issue fixed, where transparency was not properly handled, if images were rendered as PNG with color space RGBA (transparent background) [CA1025691]


  • XML reports and Result dialog: Graphic state details for Smooth shades added [CA1027092]


  • Variables dialog: Optimized switching between "Script" and "Value" to show correct values
    Variables: Issue fixed, where numeric values became strings after the ask-at-runtime dialog


  • Problem solved, where the Plug-in was not installed in older Acrobat Pro versions [FP47798]


  • Issue fixed, where some rare font structures resulted in an unstable behavior [FP47705]
  • Problem solved, where some new PDF structures (introduced with PDF 2.0) were not properly handled [CA1027222]
  • Problem solved, where a rare usage of PostScript code in a font resulted in an unstable behavior [FP44454]
  • Variables: JavaScript objects can now always be assigned to the app.vars object


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