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Version: 9.4.447

Verfügbar seit: 24.01.2018 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads



  • Display of activation status: Only activated components will be shown
  • Standalone
  • Go to page: Jump to entered page number in current document


  • Save as image: PDF files, where the permission setting "Copying content" is set to "allowed" can now also be saved as images [FP44878]
  • ToPDF: Added support for WordPerfect (.wpd) as input files [CA1026745]



  • Convert to PDF/A-1: Problem solved, where recompression of JPEG2000 to JPEG resulted in a color shift in some cases
  • Convert to PDF/X-4: Problem solved, where result PDF was displayed with scrambled glyphs and an error warning in certain PDF viewers [FP44306]
  • Remove objects completely outside ...: Optimized handling of objects in Form XObjects [FP7329; FP41579; FP44796]
  • Convert colors using DeviceLink: Fixed issue, where color space of ICC profiles defined using Variables was not properly determined [FP44629]
  • Convert colors: Adjusted handling for objects, where the source ICC profile is identical to Output Intent ICC profile: OPM will not be changed in such constellations to avoid visual differences [FP42762]
  • Place content: Fixed issue, where using a Variable to define the template path was not properly working


  • Explore Metadata: Fixed issue, where preview images were not properly displayed (MacOS only)
  • Switchboard - Standards - Digital printing: Fixed issue, where outdated Profiles were used for conversion or the conversion was not successful at all


  • Compare: Support for the latest Acrobat DC version [FP44987]


  • ToPDF: Fixed issue, where conversion of non-PDF formats failed for certain licensing types [CA1026877; FP44840]
  • ToPDF: Fixed issue, where HTML files with a "#" character in their name could not be processed [CA1026885]
  • ToPDF: Problem solved, where empty Excel sheets resulted in an error in certain cases [CA1026819]


  • Fixed issue, where Profile property "Font is not embedded" was not properly regarded [CA1026813]
  • Problem solved, where editing Profiles was not possible in certain cases [CA1026887; CA1026797]
  • Fixed issue, where special characters in Variables were not properly handled [CA1026785]


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