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Version: 7.2.276

Verfügbar seit: 27.11.2017 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads



  • Compare Libraries and Profiles
  • Explore PDF: New views of PDF structure and possibility to export selected objects into a new PDF
  • Output Intents on page level will be listed in the footer of the standalone and in the result dialog (PDF 2.0 Feature)

New Fixups

  • Insert pages: Insert empty pages or duplicates from previous or following page
  • Remove measurement properties (Viewport)
  • Several new Fixups for PDF 2.0:
    • Embed Output Intent on page level
    • Embed Output Intent with specified parameters on page level
    • Remove page level Output Intents
    • Remove all Black Point Compensation entries
    • Set Black Point Compensation

New Checks and Properties

  • Uses ICCbased RGB
  • Page uses measurement properties (Viewport)
  • Several new and extended Properties for PDF 2.0:
    • Has halftone origin entry (HTO)3
    • Value of the Black Point Compensation entry
    • Requirements array in Catalog requires PDF 2.0
    • Output Intent has Mixing Hints entry
    • Printing Order entries in Mixing Hints dictionaries consistent across document
    • Solidities entries in Mixing Hints dictionaries consistent across document
    • Has Black Point Compensation entry
    • Has page level Output Intent
    • Set PDF version: Added "2.0" as possible version entry


  • Suppress generic syntax checks or define a specified severity with new parameter: --syntaxchecks
  • ToPDF for PostScript: Font substitution is now reported on CLI StdOut and in SDK

Distributed Processing

  • Enhanced display of status and details when components are started using CLI


  • Support for PDF 2.0
  • Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library integrated (v15.0.4PlusP2p)


PDF Standards

  • PPDF/A-2 + PDF/A-3 conversion: Fixup "Reduce bit depth for 16 bit images to 8 bit" removed
  • PDF/A-1 validation: Adjusted analysis for Type3 font with empty ResourceDict to avoid unnecessary hits
  • PDF/UA-1 validation: Fixed issue, where untagged images were not properly recognized [CA1026588]
  • PDF/VT-1 validation: Adjusted recognition of nesting of encapsulated XObjects and their respective graphic states
  • PDF/X conversion: Fixed issue, where setting in Custom Fixup "Embed Output Intent" did not overrule the PDF/X conversion settings
  • PDF/X-5n conversion: Fixed issue, where multichannel Output Intent from Custom Fixup was not respected in color conversion for PDF/X


  • Flatten transparency: Fixed issue, where rotation of graphic was not properly respected
  • Flatten transparency: Fixed issue, where processing was not successful with certain PDF
  • Flatten transparency: Problem solved, where bookmarks became invalidated
  • Put objects on layer: Problem solved, where objects were no more properly assigned to a layer
  • Convert TrueType to CFF: Fixed issue, where resulting file could not be properly displayed in viewers
  • Convert TrueType to CFF: Problem solved, where glyphs exceeding the allowed size were nor properly handled
  • Repair invalid ToUnicode CMap information in fonts: Fixed issue, where processing resulted in missing glyph after processing in some cases
  • Make font name unique: Problem solved, where hyphen or softhyphen were not properly displayed in certain viewers
  • Set XMP Metadata: Improved handling of empty settings in Fixup to avoid unstable behavior
  • Merge adjacent headings if heading level is the same: Problem solved, where redundant entries in Role Map were not properly handled in certain cases
  • Uncompress XMP Metadata objects: Problem solved, where processing resulted in an unexpected result if "Remove XMP Metadata" were contained in same Profile


  • Set PDF Version: Automatic check for PDF version was executed, although Fixup was disabled using a Variable


  • SaveAsImage: Problem solved, where page scaling factor (UserUnit) was not take into account for created image
  • ToPDF: Fixed issue, where umlauts or unicode characters in filename of jobsetting or logfile were not properly handled
  • ToPDF: Added dialog handling for invalid references in Excel files to default dialog handling
  • Optimization: Problem solved, where processing resulted in shifted glyphs
  • EnumerateProfile: Fixed issue, where invalid path in Variable resulted in an error


  • Switchboard - Document - PostScript to PDF: Fixed issue, where selected joboptions settings were not properly respected
  • Edit Profiles dialog: Fixed issue, where button for Profile export became grayed out after export (MacOS only)


  • Fixed issue, where resulting file could not be stored on a mounted device with high nesting depth of folders


  • Layer reports: Problem solved, where hits were no more assigned to respective layer
  • XML: Fixed issue, where specified number of "hitsperdoc" and "hitsperpage" were not properly respected


  • Problem solved, where processing of specific file resulted in an error
  • Updated signing of pdfaPilot installer for MacOS


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