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Version: 9.0

Verfügbar seit: 17.07.2017 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads

  • Planning on bigger sheet even if Die Cutting/Making Machine is small
    • Creating Sub-Layout manually
    • Editing Sub-Layout
    • Sub-Layout Properties

  • Automatic placement of registration dots for cutting tables
    • Changes to Auto Mark settings
    • Dot Mark
    • Automatic placement of dot registration mark

  • Marks for operations other than printing
    • Marks margin for Die-Cutting, Die-Making and Digital Cutting Machines

  • Improved Pure Nesting Algorithm
  • Support for Flexo Presses
  • Possible to create layouts without selecting a press
  • Jobs are not planned if required machines are not selected
  • Allowing overruns
  • Disallow Ganging on certain jobs
  • Enhancements to planning with LYT
  • Automatic inference of inks and coatings of layout
  • Automatic setting of sheet cut-size by removing white area
  • Changes to make ready time and wastage calculation for work and turn/tumble
  • Action to automatically import material CSV in ImpFlow
  • Enhancements to User Interface
  • Changes to preferences
  • Changes to Auto Plan settings
  • Other notable features

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