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Version: 9.3.432

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New in Switchboard

  • Prepress - Pre-separate pages: Creates a separate page for each CMYK or spot color used in the PDF [CA1026318]
  • Standards - GWG based Actions: Target for conversion can now be selected ("GWG 2008" or "GWG 2015")


  • Re-encode images using Indexed color spaces to their base color space [CA1021547; CA1022910; CA1022911]
  • Remove objects + Remove all objects except: Property "Sequential page number" can now be used in "Apply to" filter [FP41361]

Checks and Properties

  • Aspect ratio of CropBox|BleedBox|TrimBox|ArtBox: Determines the aspect ratio the respective dimensions[FP]
  • Font is not valid/Font is not valid (strict): Extended scope to find glyphs with corrupt data [CA1025806]


  • Variables: Values in Ask-at-runtime dialog will now be remembered during one session and can be exported/imported as JSON to be used on command line or with the library [CA1025547]


  • More recently opened files are available at the corresponding menu item [FP40629]
  • Organize pages: Multiple pages can now be selected by using the "Shift"-key [FP27341; FP36065]


  • --setvariables: Support for values as JSON added, e.g. for values exported from Desktop [CA1025547]

Distributed Processing

  • Enhanced display of status and details when components are started using CLI


    Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library integrated (v15.0.1PlusP2f)



  • PDF/A: Fixed issue, where a certain kind of duplicate XMP metadata resulted in an unnecessary hit [FP39255]
  • PDF/A-3: Adjust Validation for embedded files (will now accept an "array of file specifications")
  • Fixed issue, where analysis resulted in an error due to certain, corrupt structures within the PDF [FP39060; CA1026245]
  • Validation of ZUGFeRD: Problem solved, where Names entry using UTF-16 encoding resulted in a hit [FP41113]


  • Flatten transparency: Fixed issue, where content became clipped in certain cases [CA1026118; CA1026184]
  • Effective ink coverage for separated plates: Fixed issue, where option "Evaluate all pixels" was not properly respected [FP39210]
  • Create any apply shapes: Problem solved, where an error was shown, when "Apply to" was set to "None" [FP41147]
  • Create and apply shapes: Problem solved, where shape was not properly created in certain cases (MacOS only) [FP]
  • Convert colors: Corrected usage for configuration parameter "Using Destination-CompressionMethod" [FP39515]
  • Convert colors: Fixed issue, where images (using only some CMYK channels as DeviceN) were not properly converted [CA1025702; CA1025916; CA1026389]
  • Convert colors: Optimized handling of SMask Matte entries to reduce color shifts [FP39118]
  • Convert colors to n-channel: Fixed issue, where spot colors in DeviceN became converted, although "Any colors except spot colors" was selected [CA1026144]
  • Font to outline: Problem solved, where text was moved, when certain filter settings were used [CA1026197; CA1026394; CA1025775]
  • Font to outline: Fixed issue, where selective outlining of certain fonts resulted in missing glyphs of other fonts [CA1025636]
  • Generate bleed from page content: Fixed issue, where result PDF was not properly created [FP37676; FP41179]
  • Remove all objects except: Fixed issue, where certain objects were not removed
  • Set page geometry boxes (based on page content): Problem solved, where processing was not successful if no custom check was defined [FP39852; FP40062; FP40657; CA1026368]
  • Remove invisible image data: Problem solved, where contours of clipped images were not properly handled [FP37577; FP41086]
  • Set halftone dictionary: Fixed issue, where Angle and Frequency were not accurately interpreted as set up in the user interface [CA1026248]
  • Map spot and process colors: problem solved, where importing ASE files containing spot color alternates with 3 values were not properly handled [FP39694]
  • Set transparency blend color space: Fixed issue, where an ICC profile from the system was used although there was one attached to the Profile [CA1025748]
  • Place content: Problem solved, where unused spot colors in the PDF resulted in an improper behavior [FP32353]
  • Remove transfer curves: Fixed issue, where transfer curves were not removed [CA1025753]
  • Convert TrueType to CFF: Problem solved, where glyphs were missing after conversion in certain cases [CA1026170; FP38874]
  • General font handling:
    • Fixed issue, where glyphs were not properly handled in some cases [FP26860]
    • Fixed issue, where an empty composite glyph could not be properly processed [FP40205]
    • Problem solved, where certain not well formed glyph charstrings for Type3 fonts resulted in a modified visual appearance [CA1026312]
    • Problem solved, where a specific encoding with a wrong encoding table entry resulted in invisible glyphs [CA1026193]

PDF Standards

  • Remove glyphs with invalid encoding definition: Optimized handling to exclude symbolic fonts [CA1025348]


  • Fixed issue, where some unnecessary coordinate values were not properly handled [CA1036366]
  • Problem solved, where a wrong syntax in the PDF was not properly corrected so that the result file contained empty pages [CA1026313]


  • Impose: Fixed issue, where certain text was not placed as defined (Linux only)
  • ToPDF: Fixed issue, where TIFF file names containing double bytes resulted in missing pages in generated PDF [CA1026378]
  • SaveAsImg: Problem solved, where certain resolution/dimension combinations resulted in an error [CA1026272]
  • EnumerateLayers: Fixed issue, where not all objects were put on the respective layer [CA1024551]


  • Activation: Fixed issue, where request could not be sent to the activation server (MacOS only) [FP41216]
  • Edit Variables: Improved evaluation handling for JavaScript variables that already contain all required values
  • Manage Libraries: Fixed issue, where searching for e.g. Curve files did not properly work
  • Problem solved, where a certain Process Plan could not be deleted [FP39772; FP41461; CA1026071]
  • ToPDF: Location for log files created during conversion of PostScript files changed to user preferences
  • Edit Process Plans: Fixed issue, where moving the first sequence step resulted in an unstable UI behavior in certain cases [FP38177]
  • Log Profile execution: Intermediate results for "Place content" (HTML-Template, calsDocInfo.js and PDF) are saved as well
  • Variables in Process Plans: Fixed issue, where Variables set by 1st step were overwritten by default values of identically named Variables in the 2nd step [FP40740]
  • ToPDF for Office files: Improved error message, if no Office application is installed on the respective system [FP38812]
  • Overlay: Fixed issue, where processing was not successful [FP38945]


  • Problem solved, where parts of the PDF became cropped [FP35374]


  • Fixed issue where processing was not successful for some functions with the latest Acrobat DC update [FP39995; FP41161; FP40402]


  • ToPDF for PostScript files: Fixed issue, where sub-folders of additional search paths for fonts were not taken into account [FP38112]
  • ToPDF for PostScript files: Fixed issue, where font folders of the system where taken into account, although "--topdf_psfontsonly" was used
  • ExtractContent: Added extractcontent.xsd to installation package [CA1026230]Tiling: Fixed issue, where missing values for --tilesvertical or --tileshorizontal resulted in an error [CA1026169]

Distributed Processing

  • Compare: Problem solved, where resulting PDF report was not properly transferred back to client [FP41110]
  • Problem solved, where "/" or "\" in values of variables where not correctly transmitted to the satellite [FP41110]


  • XML report: More accurate trigger values for "Effective ink coverage" checks (if properly configured in a new checkbox)


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